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 Shells - Currency Guide

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PostSubject: Shells - Currency Guide   Shells - Currency Guide EmptyFri Jul 08, 2016 11:19 pm

I'm sure you have a few questions, what are shells? What are they used for? How do I earn them?
Now, what exactly are shells - and why do we have them?
Well you see, Shells are the Seaside Isle's currency. A designed point system to add a bit of extra fun to the RP! You can see how many you have by checking your profile or looking at your information included below your avatar when you post!
Well, what are they used for? What can you do with the shells you've earned?
Shells can be used for purchasing or gift giving such as;

-Buying items from the Shell Shack (pack store)
-Buying designs and/or writing templates in the art section
-Getting a second character
-Purchasing A den located in your choice of the territory (types of dens, locations, and add ons are priced differently)
-Gifting them to Guests of honor at Luaus

It's enjoyable to spend them and get things in return; the Shell shack offers items from accessories such as shark tooth necklaces and hibiscus flowers - to rare good tasting meats for a special snack for you! As well as second characters and den set ups. However a question remains - how exactly do you earn them? Well, lucky for you, there are many ways!

-Opening an art shop and selling things
-Being active
-Entering contests
-Winning contests
-Promotion bonuses
-Getting them as gifts
-Posting on our WQ thread
-Answering questions in the Q&A area
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Shells - Currency Guide
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