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 Role-Play Rules

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PostSubject: Role-Play Rules   Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:58 pm

Role-play rules differ slightly from normal code-of-conduct rules. Of course you will always have to follow general site rules all the time, there are extra RP rules you need to be aware of.

1. No God Modding; You are solely in charge of your characters actions and reactions - you may NOT decide what another member does or says.

2. No Power playing: When fighting or hunting - be aware that you are not flawless. There will be times not all your attacks land and even times you get injured or fail. Also, remember to include stamina loss or exhaustion. You cannot hunt, fight, or fish all day without a loss of energy.

3. Strengths and Weaknesses; It is mandatory to have at least three of each (list them in your biography, please.) You are a wolf, you are not invincible or a prodigy at everything. There will be things that you fail at or are not educated in.

4. Please keep things realistic; A single wolf cannot take on a full grown elk/boar/buck deer. You may be the best hunter here, but that doesn't mean you can do the impossible. No super speed, super jumps, one bite kills, flying and so on.

5. No double posting; when Role-playing please only post once. If you wish to add extra content, please edit your previous post.

6. Keep R rated content to a min; when such things as birth, mating, killing, fade to black or make it seem as light and less gruesome as possible.
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Role-Play Rules
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