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Hello, Guest, welcome to the Seaside Isle Pack's site! Be sure to read through all rules and guides before joining!
Members, the WQ thread has opened! Be sure to post and welcome all new applicants here!
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PostSubject: Code of Conduct   Code of Conduct EmptyFri Jul 08, 2016 1:28 am

Below you will find a list of SIP's general site rules - you may notice they're quite similar to other forum packs you've been in, so this should be a snap for you! But be warned, if you break a site or Role-play rule you will be warned, if it continues you will be banned momentarily or all together permanently from the site.
Activity is the key to a longlasting pack. You are expected to log onto the site 3-4 days a week and make at least 1-2 RP posts per week. It is also expected of you to post on the WQ thread time to time. If you vanish without a trace for a long time being, you will be stripped of your ranks and moved to the nomad group. You may re-apply for the pack if you wish. To avoid such things, request an EFA

Though you are allowed to have any color eyes, and purchase colorful paints - narutal pelt colors may NOT be unrealistic. Some may be able to bend the rules depending how the character looks, yet we often prefer simple coat colors. Other things such as wings, horns, and "human hair" are prohibited.

It's vastly important that others be able to understand what you are saying. To make sure this is capable, we ask that you keep CAPs to a minimum while posting, use proper spelling and grammar, and please while Role-playing avoid txt spk (Text Speak) - Full words only.

You may NOT control anyone or anything other than your character. You may not create an action another does or decide the weather. You may only control your own character(s)

Role-play posts must be at least one paragraph (5 sentences) long. Please make sure you do not double post, it will be considered spam and deleted.

Administrators (and Moderators) know best: Their word is law, and when asked to fix something, you must do so right away, no-questions-asked, and without arguing.
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Code of Conduct
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