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 Luau Ceremony

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PostSubject: Luau Ceremony   Luau Ceremony EmptyFri Jul 08, 2016 12:39 am

Often once a month or so, the pack will have a ceremonial Lua; its purpose is to bring the pack together to celebrate the guest(s) of honor. These honorable guests will be chosen to be celebrated for a number of reasons: they could be a new member, a promotion, a birthday, a new parent, mates, even death is to be honored by a grand Luau.

That party isn't all fun and games, who do you think has to put it all together? It's not like the feast will hunt itself! That's right, we all pitch in to put this grand party together, they we boogy celebrate til the sun sets!


-Fishers are to catch prime Salmon

-Falconers head north to hunt boar (Be cautious!)

-Rangers and Vanguards gather logs, branches, and "spark rocks" to start a bonfire

-Shamans collet edible berries and treats

-The remaining members gather coconuts, Leis, grass skirts, shark tooth necklaces, and so on for a festive flare.

Phases of the Luau:
Phase 1 Keia : The first phase is optional to members - it is to honor the guest(s) with gifts and congratulations. This time is spent socializing, getting to know one another and speak of the special reason they've gathered.
Phase 2 Awakea : The second phases is starting the feast, after any and all members have finished their part to put it together and gift or congratulate their pack mate - the guest of honor will be invited to eat first. Starting the large feast for all. Once the members have finished their grand meal; phase 3 starts.
Phase 3 Ke Ahi : The final phase is the traditional bon fire. Pack members dress in leis, paints, and other such things to bond around the roaring flames. Stories and advice are told for the new pack mates or new parents.
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Luau Ceremony
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